Pet Hates – 10 things that annoy me about everything…

In no particular order…

1. People who breathe loudly – come on, everyone’s been on a bus or train, or in a room where there’s been someone who feels the need to breathe ridiculously heavily, and let out a sigh after every breath. Even if they don’t have a cold. When they, do, it’s worse because it sounds all snotty too!

2. The X Factor– Let’s be realistic here, we only like it because of the rubbish people, because yes, they are funny, but the live shows are overrated, and losing my interest quickly. It seems to be fixed, and it’s boring, and quite frankly, none of the “good ones” are actually that good! I’ve heard much better singers in my life, and they haven’t made it. The ones that get through to the live shows are picked because they have a “story”. Take Christopher Maloney for example; he followed his nan everywhere and had confidence issues, therefore he got through to the semi’s when he can’t even sing! However, Gary Barlow is attractive, so we’ll let him off 😉 Here’s a picture so we can appreciate his beauty:

3. The sound of cutlery scraping across a plate – I just cannot stand it! The noise goes right through me. It’s like running fingernails down a chalk board.

4. People who say you can do something, then complain– My mother’s a culprit. I always get told I can audition for Drama Schools, then when I get an audition date through, or they ask for my audition fees, she complains! It’s almost as bad as people who say you can do something and then don’t let you…

5. People cracking their finger joints– any other body part doesn’t bother me, in fact, I often crack my hips, knees, ankles, toes, wrists and back, but for some unbeknown reason, people cracking their fingers makes me shudder…

6. People that always talk about carsSorry, it just annoys me, because I find it boring, and don’t understand how people can have conversations that last for several hours, several days a week.

<< I mean, what’s the appeal guys?

7. People that eat with their mouth open– It’s just common manners. Don’t do it.

8. People that make noises when they eat – It’s worse than seeing the food, because you can hear it mushing around in their mouth. Ew.

9. People who walk reeeaaaallly slowly in front of you– It always happens when you want to be somewhere quickly! Old people are often the culprits. Also, people who walk next to each other and take up all of the path so that you have no way of getting past them, really annoy me… just get out of the way!

10. People who believe in “end of the world” stories – It’s often school children running around screaming “Oh my god, we’re all going to die!!” No, we’re not, shut up and look at the evidence. Number 1, the world will not end just because the Mayans didn’t feel the need to write anymore numbers on their calendar. Number 2, you’d start to notice things in the sky or elsewhere sooner than a day before… such as fire in the sky, because our atmosphere would burn up. The only way our planet will explode is if we get too close to the sun. That’s a long way off yet, thank you.

<< Saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. It was captioned “Don’t go to town guys, the Mayans were right!”

There are other things that annoy me, but 10 seems like a nice round number. Maybe when I think of another 10 I’ll do another post.

What annoys you?


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