An unusual and rare occassion…

Usually, I would NEVER EVER post myself singing on any kind of website, or blog, or social network. But seeing as I’m auditioning for drama schools on Musical Theatre courses this year, I feel that it’s time to get a bit of confidence and just go for it. Besides, my face isn’t plastered on these ones 😉

Also, these aren’t just any songs. These songs have been written by a very talented friend of mine called Andrew Siddle, who is now actually studying to be a Musical Director in New York (how lucky!)

The songs were part of his final project for his university course last year, and he asked me to record the vocals for him – something I’ve never really done before!

Okay, so, the “musical” concept was based on the well known story of “V for Vendetta”. For more information, you can visit his SoundCloud page –

Here are the songs that I sang 🙂 If you only have time to listen to one, go for “The Rain”, in my opinion it’s the better of the two 🙂


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