Another 10 things that annoy me about everything…

Okay, so I’ve thought of another 10 things to continue my post about my pet hates (click here to refresh your memory on these). Maybe I’ve read about them, or noticed them as I lead my average, everyday, not-so-normal life. Regardless of the reasoning, they’ve popped into my head, so I thought I’d share them with you all!

I’ll start with #11, as if we’re continuing the list…

11. Bad grammar – I’m a stickler for punctuation, capital letters, the correct use of “their”, “there” or “they’re”, and just general word orderings. I’m sorry (if you’re dyslexic, this does not apply to you, I have many dyslexic friends so I know it can’t be helped) but for those of you without a good enough reason, there is no excuse! We’ve been taught it since primary school, so PLEASE put it into practice! There is nothing worse than reading a block of writing which has no commas in it, or when capital letters are in the wrong places, or just don’t exist at all. It’s so unprofessional, and quite honestly, I will stop reading.

Even dogs understand...

Even dogs understand…

12. “Snakey” boys (aka. “man-slags”) – You know the sort… they go out partying, and pick up a new girl every time. Then, they have the audacity to flirt with people whom they consider to be good friends with, get the girl’s hopes up, and then blow them off for a new girl a week later. Sorry boys, but it’s not on. There’s also the sort that talk to you on a whim, complimenting you about anything that they can to try and get your attention. We don’t fall for it anymore boys!

13. Phone companies that send the wrong Sim card – Yes, I know this one is rather specific, and you’re probably thinking “WHY?!” but this happened to me, about 3 days ago, on Christmas Day of all days… I received an iPhone 5 as a gift from my parents, and I have to say, I was incredibly excited. Like, beyond belief. I wasn’t expecting one. In fact, I had asked for a 4S because I didn’t think in a million years that I’d ever get a 5! But there it was, all white and shiny, just waiting for the Sim card to be put inside it… But OH NO. Vodafone sent the wrong sized Sim card! Instead of a nano Sim, they sent a micro Sim, and as one of the most established phone networks, you’d have thought they’d get it right. I was not happy.

You can clearly see the difference...

You can clearly see the difference…

14. Family gatherings – unless you’re particularly close with the relatives, or like them for whatever reason (they may bring good gifts) family gatherings always make me feel uncomfortable. You have to sit there awkwardly for hours whilst they talk about topics you really couldn’t give two flying pigs about, and you cannot leave the room because it’s considered as “rude”. Sorry, but I didn’t invite you, my parents did, I do not wish to stay here.

15. Shopping sites that leave out-of-stock items on – I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been looking online at clothes now that Christmas is over and we all have money to spend, especially with the sales on now. But it really annoys me when websites (*cough* New Look *cough*) leave items on that they don’t even have anymore. The amount of times I’ve been on and thought “ooh I really like that top” *CLICK* – “Out-of-stock” is unbelievable. It’s really disappointing actually…

16. People who laugh all the time – Maybe it’s to make themselves socially accepted, but most of the time, the things they laugh at aren’t even funny. Fair enough, some comments are worth a little snigger, but not a full on belly laugh! Come on now, by laughing that much, you’re only annoying people (me) and making yourself an outcast of society.

17. People who play music really loudly through their headphones – Most of the time it’s people who enjoy listening to heavy metal, screamy music. Not many people like this. Headphones are for private listening, the rest of the world does not need to hear it too, thank you very much.

18. People who play music out loud on trains – Often young teenagers who think they’re “cool”. You’re not cool, you’re just annoying everyone else on the train to the point where they want to punch you. Really hard. Several times. Come on, have some consideration for people who are travelling/have travelled a really long way and are extremely tired.

19. Gay people that overact their “gay-ness” – Okay, we get it, you’re gay. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I have many friends who are gay. But there’s no need to flap your arms around, comment on anything feminine, act like a girl, scream, and flash off anything else extremely camp. We all know you’re gay, you’ve told everyone.

20. People who ACT drunk when they’re not – You’re not fooling anyone, and you just look stupid. The end.


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