Happy New Year! – Things I hope to achieve in 2013…

Happy New Year everyone!


It’s a strange year to say, don’t you think? 2013… it all just sounds wrong, and unlucky (the number 13… oooooh) and just completely “yucky”. However, saying this, I’m determined to make it the best year yet!

Here’s some things that I hope to achieve…

1. My New Year’s Resolution – Everyone makes them, and never end up sticking to them. Mine this year is to be able to easily do the splits on both legs. Random, I know, but I can already do them on my right leg, just not the left…

2. Get into Drama School – I’m auditioning for a fair few in London this year, and I’m determined to get in! In fact, I have my first audition for Mountview this week… HELP!

3. Eat healthier – I know, CLICHE. But I really should… once I’ve got this large amount of Christmas chocolate out of the way…

4. Learn a new skill – i don’t know what yet, but I’d quite like to learn how to do something really interesting and different to what I already know. Any suggestions would be useful!

5. Make more effort with my appearance – Some days I’ll get up and do my hair and make-up all nicely and dress nicely, but then other days I just think… I really cannot be bothered… at all. It’s those days I need to avoid…

6. Be happy! – A lot happened towards the end of last year. In fact, before all of this happened, I’d go so far as to say it was the best year ever. Not anymore. But I’ve wallowed away in my own self pity for long enough now, and it’s time to spend more time with my friends, move on, and forget about it.

Six is a strange number for a list… but it is my lucky number, so I’m hoping that because there’s only six things that I can think of, that it’s going to be a lucky year for me… 🙂

Maybe I should start putting on the lottery…


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