Self Humiliation… Sorry – “Putting Thoughts On Paper”

So, I have taken it upon myself to write a diary.

I’ve tried numerous times, and every time it’s lasted all of about a week and I’ve ended up ripping out the few pages I’ve written on and using the notebook for something else.

This time, I am determined.

And I have an incentive – my best friend keeps one, has done religiously since she was twelve, and we have made a pact that at the end if this summer before we both move away to go to uni or wherever we end up (hopefully drama school) we will have a sleepover night where we will share our diary entries. I’m telling you, it will be comic gold dust!

So today, I went out and bought a new notebook. It looked boring so I decorated it with some patterned tissue paper and ribbon. It’s even labelled “diary” so I can tell myself it is for that purpose only, and has a little pocket on the inside back cover to put notes and stuff (not that anyone will ever write me one) but just in case 😉

So here it is:


One diary ready to go! I’ve already written in it, back-dating it to new year. A whole 9 entries so far, and I can tell you, there’s some good stuff in there already!

Roll on the rest of the year…



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