Happy New Year! – Things I hope to achieve in 2013…

Happy New Year everyone!


It’s a strange year to say, don’t you think? 2013… it all just sounds wrong, and unlucky (the number 13… oooooh) and just completely “yucky”. However, saying this, I’m determined to make it the best year yet!

Here’s some things that I hope to achieve…

1. My New Year’s Resolution – Everyone makes them, and never end up sticking to them. Mine this year is to be able to easily do the splits on both legs. Random, I know, but I can already do them on my right leg, just not the left…

2. Get into Drama School – I’m auditioning for a fair few in London this year, and I’m determined to get in! In fact, I have my first audition for Mountview this week… HELP!

3. Eat healthier – I know, CLICHE. But I really should… once I’ve got this large amount of Christmas chocolate out of the way…

4. Learn a new skill – i don’t know what yet, but I’d quite like to learn how to do something really interesting and different to what I already know. Any suggestions would be useful!

5. Make more effort with my appearance – Some days I’ll get up and do my hair and make-up all nicely and dress nicely, but then other days I just think… I really cannot be bothered… at all. It’s those days I need to avoid…

6. Be happy! – A lot happened towards the end of last year. In fact, before all of this happened, I’d go so far as to say it was the best year ever. Not anymore. But I’ve wallowed away in my own self pity for long enough now, and it’s time to spend more time with my friends, move on, and forget about it.

Six is a strange number for a list… but it is my lucky number, so I’m hoping that because there’s only six things that I can think of, that it’s going to be a lucky year for me… 🙂

Maybe I should start putting on the lottery…


Another 10 things that annoy me about everything…

Okay, so I’ve thought of another 10 things to continue my post about my pet hates (click here to refresh your memory on these). Maybe I’ve read about them, or noticed them as I lead my average, everyday, not-so-normal life. Regardless of the reasoning, they’ve popped into my head, so I thought I’d share them with you all!

I’ll start with #11, as if we’re continuing the list…

11. Bad grammar – I’m a stickler for punctuation, capital letters, the correct use of “their”, “there” or “they’re”, and just general word orderings. I’m sorry (if you’re dyslexic, this does not apply to you, I have many dyslexic friends so I know it can’t be helped) but for those of you without a good enough reason, there is no excuse! We’ve been taught it since primary school, so PLEASE put it into practice! There is nothing worse than reading a block of writing which has no commas in it, or when capital letters are in the wrong places, or just don’t exist at all. It’s so unprofessional, and quite honestly, I will stop reading.

Even dogs understand...

Even dogs understand…

12. “Snakey” boys (aka. “man-slags”) – You know the sort… they go out partying, and pick up a new girl every time. Then, they have the audacity to flirt with people whom they consider to be good friends with, get the girl’s hopes up, and then blow them off for a new girl a week later. Sorry boys, but it’s not on. There’s also the sort that talk to you on a whim, complimenting you about anything that they can to try and get your attention. We don’t fall for it anymore boys!

13. Phone companies that send the wrong Sim card – Yes, I know this one is rather specific, and you’re probably thinking “WHY?!” but this happened to me, about 3 days ago, on Christmas Day of all days… I received an iPhone 5 as a gift from my parents, and I have to say, I was incredibly excited. Like, beyond belief. I wasn’t expecting one. In fact, I had asked for a 4S because I didn’t think in a million years that I’d ever get a 5! But there it was, all white and shiny, just waiting for the Sim card to be put inside it… But OH NO. Vodafone sent the wrong sized Sim card! Instead of a nano Sim, they sent a micro Sim, and as one of the most established phone networks, you’d have thought they’d get it right. I was not happy.

You can clearly see the difference...

You can clearly see the difference…

14. Family gatherings – unless you’re particularly close with the relatives, or like them for whatever reason (they may bring good gifts) family gatherings always make me feel uncomfortable. You have to sit there awkwardly for hours whilst they talk about topics you really couldn’t give two flying pigs about, and you cannot leave the room because it’s considered as “rude”. Sorry, but I didn’t invite you, my parents did, I do not wish to stay here.

15. Shopping sites that leave out-of-stock items on – I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been looking online at clothes now that Christmas is over and we all have money to spend, especially with the sales on now. But it really annoys me when websites (*cough* New Look *cough*) leave items on that they don’t even have anymore. The amount of times I’ve been on and thought “ooh I really like that top” *CLICK* – “Out-of-stock” is unbelievable. It’s really disappointing actually…

16. People who laugh all the time – Maybe it’s to make themselves socially accepted, but most of the time, the things they laugh at aren’t even funny. Fair enough, some comments are worth a little snigger, but not a full on belly laugh! Come on now, by laughing that much, you’re only annoying people (me) and making yourself an outcast of society.

17. People who play music really loudly through their headphones – Most of the time it’s people who enjoy listening to heavy metal, screamy music. Not many people like this. Headphones are for private listening, the rest of the world does not need to hear it too, thank you very much.

18. People who play music out loud on trains – Often young teenagers who think they’re “cool”. You’re not cool, you’re just annoying everyone else on the train to the point where they want to punch you. Really hard. Several times. Come on, have some consideration for people who are travelling/have travelled a really long way and are extremely tired.

19. Gay people that overact their “gay-ness” – Okay, we get it, you’re gay. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I have many friends who are gay. But there’s no need to flap your arms around, comment on anything feminine, act like a girl, scream, and flash off anything else extremely camp. We all know you’re gay, you’ve told everyone.

20. People who ACT drunk when they’re not – You’re not fooling anyone, and you just look stupid. The end.

Getting into the Christmas spirit – “Elf”, top 5 movie moments

Okay, so I’m sure everyone is aware of the film “Elf”. If you haven’t seen it, you must – it is the best Christmas film ever made! (In my opinion anyway) and I’m sure many more will agree.


Buddy the Elf is played by none other than the brilliant Will Ferrell.

Buddy is brought up in the North Pole amongst other Elves, but due to his giant size, discovers that he is in fact a human, and that Santa is not his real Dad. His real Dad lives in New York, so Buddy is sent there in search of his true identity. But of course, Buddy doesn’t understand the life of a New Yorker, so everything goes wrong for him…

Here are my top 5 favourite movie moments…

1. When Buddy sits outside the shower singing “Baby it’s Cold Outside” – This part in itself is funny, but it’s the bit just after that makes me laugh the most, when she tells him not to look, so he covers his eyes and runs… right into the lockers!

2. When he tries to put the star on top of the Christmas tree– The Christmas tree that Buddy and Michael bring into the house is huge. In fact, it’s far too big for the house, because it curls over to fit under the ceiling, and there’s no way that either of them could reach the top of it. So, Buddy runs out, then runs back in, jumps on the sofa, then off it and onto the tree. Of course he doesn’t reach the top, he just grabs onto it and ends up pulling the tree on top of himself…

3. When Buddy and Emily kiss – It’s the cutest thing ever! It’s just his face afterwards, he looks so happy and completely bowled over. But it’s when he runs into his Dad’s office shouting “I’m in love!” that really makes it for me.

4. When he gets drunk in the mail room– This part is absolutely brilliant! His dancing is hilarious, and all of the mail room workers get behind him. At last, Buddy has some friends.

5. When Buddy’s Dad sings to save Christmas– Let’s face it, it’s magical. The man who hated Christmas, was horrible to Buddy, and really was the “scrooge” of the film, sings along with the carols to help make Santa’s sleigh fly again. I’m going to be honest, I cried. I’m a sucker for happy endings…

I know I said top 5… but there is a sixth…

6. “You sit on a throne of lies” – I’m not going to describe it… just watch it 😉

Seriously though, if you haven’t seen it, you should watch it right now. You will not regret it. Well, you might because you’ll want to watch it again and again – it will take over your life!

Come on guys – it’s Christmas!

Why don’t we ever see the headline “Psychic wins Lottery”? – Question answered!

Okay, so earlier, I posted 10 questions that I want to have answered before I die.

Click here to see the original post

One of these was the question “Why don’t we ever see the headline ‘Psychic wins Lottery’?”

Well, one of my good friends has just answered this for me! (It’s a very good answer too if I’m honest) So here it is:

4. Why don’t we ever see the headline “Psychic wins Lottery”? – because ‘psychics’ don’t actually possess supernatural powers; they push thoughts and effectively use illusions.

There we have it. Simple, yet very true! I still have another 10 questions yet to be answered, so if anyone has these answers, feel free to comment!

Pet Hates – 10 things that annoy me about everything…

In no particular order…

1. People who breathe loudly – come on, everyone’s been on a bus or train, or in a room where there’s been someone who feels the need to breathe ridiculously heavily, and let out a sigh after every breath. Even if they don’t have a cold. When they, do, it’s worse because it sounds all snotty too!

2. The X Factor– Let’s be realistic here, we only like it because of the rubbish people, because yes, they are funny, but the live shows are overrated, and losing my interest quickly. It seems to be fixed, and it’s boring, and quite frankly, none of the “good ones” are actually that good! I’ve heard much better singers in my life, and they haven’t made it. The ones that get through to the live shows are picked because they have a “story”. Take Christopher Maloney for example; he followed his nan everywhere and had confidence issues, therefore he got through to the semi’s when he can’t even sing! However, Gary Barlow is attractive, so we’ll let him off 😉 Here’s a picture so we can appreciate his beauty:

3. The sound of cutlery scraping across a plate – I just cannot stand it! The noise goes right through me. It’s like running fingernails down a chalk board.

4. People who say you can do something, then complain– My mother’s a culprit. I always get told I can audition for Drama Schools, then when I get an audition date through, or they ask for my audition fees, she complains! It’s almost as bad as people who say you can do something and then don’t let you…

5. People cracking their finger joints– any other body part doesn’t bother me, in fact, I often crack my hips, knees, ankles, toes, wrists and back, but for some unbeknown reason, people cracking their fingers makes me shudder…

6. People that always talk about carsSorry, it just annoys me, because I find it boring, and don’t understand how people can have conversations that last for several hours, several days a week.

<< I mean, what’s the appeal guys?

7. People that eat with their mouth open– It’s just common manners. Don’t do it.

8. People that make noises when they eat – It’s worse than seeing the food, because you can hear it mushing around in their mouth. Ew.

9. People who walk reeeaaaallly slowly in front of you– It always happens when you want to be somewhere quickly! Old people are often the culprits. Also, people who walk next to each other and take up all of the path so that you have no way of getting past them, really annoy me… just get out of the way!

10. People who believe in “end of the world” stories – It’s often school children running around screaming “Oh my god, we’re all going to die!!” No, we’re not, shut up and look at the evidence. Number 1, the world will not end just because the Mayans didn’t feel the need to write anymore numbers on their calendar. Number 2, you’d start to notice things in the sky or elsewhere sooner than a day before… such as fire in the sky, because our atmosphere would burn up. The only way our planet will explode is if we get too close to the sun. That’s a long way off yet, thank you.

<< Saw this on Facebook and it made me laugh. It was captioned “Don’t go to town guys, the Mayans were right!”

There are other things that annoy me, but 10 seems like a nice round number. Maybe when I think of another 10 I’ll do another post.

What annoys you?

Questions I hope to answer before I die…

1. Who did let the dogs out?

2. What is the way to Sesame Street?

3. Why doesn’t Dora just use Google maps?

4. Why don’t we ever see the headline “psychic wins lottery”? (question answered, click here!)

5. Why is Lemon Juice made with artificial flavours, yet dishwasher tablets are made with real lemons?

6. Why is the needle sterilized for a lethal injection?

7. If a deaf person has to go to court, is it still called a “hearing”?

8. Why do “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star” and “the alphabet” have the same tune?

9. Why did the chicken really cross the road?

10. What is “normal”?

11. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

10 things I love about Christmas…

In no particular order…

1. Food – when else is it okay to eat everything you possibly can fit on a plate, then go on to eat a big piece of Christmas cake and THEN nibble on sweets and crisps all day?! Okay, so you put on twice your original body weight in a week, but it’s all worth it 😉

What's better than a Christmas dinner?!

What’s better than a Christmas dinner?!

2. Secret Santa! – It never ends up staying secret, but it’s so much fun! It’s also okay to buy the most ridiculous gifts for your friends. Plus, everyone gets something, but you only have to buy one gift each.

3. Peeking under the tree – Come on, no matter how old you are, everyone does it…

4. Wrapping presents – I love making them look pretty with ribbons and bows! It’s only going to get ripped off, but it’s nice to know that I spent time on it…

Wrap them beautifully so they look good under the tree :)

Wrap them beautifully so they look good under the tree 🙂

5. Putting up the tree – It makes you feel festive several weeks early!

6. Waking up really early – You never want to wake up at 6am in the morning at any other time of the year, but suddenly at Christmas, it’s okay!

7. Spending time with the people I love – It’s not every day that you get to spend time with nearly every member of your family, and all f your closest friends. Plus, it means lots of parties 😉

8. It’s okay to wear red and green together – MAJOR colour clash at any other time of the year, but at Christmas, it’s “festive”.

9. Watching rubbish T.V – Everyone complains about rubbish daytime T.V throughout the year, but make it Christmas themed and everyone wants to watch it… ALL DAY!

10. Christmas films! – Elf, Love Actually, Home Alone… Christmas films are the best movies ever!

What’s your favourite part of Christmas?