Sometimes dreams DO come true!

As some of you may well know from my previous blog post (Small Girl vs BIG Drama School #1 – Mountview), at the beginning of this month I auditioned for one of the top drama schools, Mountview Acadmy of Theatre Arts.

It’s been what felt like several decades waiting for the letter saying whether or not I had been offered a place, and today that dreaded letter came…

Here it is, glowing in all of it’s glory:

I GOT IN!!!!

I can’t actually believe it! (I had to pinch myself to make sure it was real)

It honestly feels like all of my Christmases and birthdays have all come at once!

Now I’ve just got to find an extra £5,000 on top of a student loan to be able to afford to go… Challenge accepted!

[Any fundraising ideas would be greatly appreciated 🙂 ]


Self Humiliation… Sorry – “Putting Thoughts On Paper”

So, I have taken it upon myself to write a diary.

I’ve tried numerous times, and every time it’s lasted all of about a week and I’ve ended up ripping out the few pages I’ve written on and using the notebook for something else.

This time, I am determined.

And I have an incentive – my best friend keeps one, has done religiously since she was twelve, and we have made a pact that at the end if this summer before we both move away to go to uni or wherever we end up (hopefully drama school) we will have a sleepover night where we will share our diary entries. I’m telling you, it will be comic gold dust!

So today, I went out and bought a new notebook. It looked boring so I decorated it with some patterned tissue paper and ribbon. It’s even labelled “diary” so I can tell myself it is for that purpose only, and has a little pocket on the inside back cover to put notes and stuff (not that anyone will ever write me one) but just in case 😉

So here it is:


One diary ready to go! I’ve already written in it, back-dating it to new year. A whole 9 entries so far, and I can tell you, there’s some good stuff in there already!

Roll on the rest of the year…


Small Girl vs BIG Drama School #1 – Mountview

Okay, so on Friday 4th January, I had my first audition of the year for one of London’s top Drama Schools for the Musical Theatre course; Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts.


I’m not going to lie, it was one of the most daunting (yet really fun!) experiences of my life so far. Particularly seeing as I had to travel to London and find my way around by myself… a big task for a small town Northerner. But somehow I managed it without getting lost or being late – I must be a Londoner at heart 😉

Anyway, the audition went surprisingly well considering I had been blessed with a lovely cold and one deaf ear since Christmas Eve!

Once I arrived at about 10am (ish) I was given a little badge with a number and my name on, so that the audition panel knew who I was. There were about 26 other people there, after a few just decided to not turn up… WHO DOES THAT?!

At 10.30am we were all taken across to another of their buildings, where we spent the day, fearing for our lives. At least I did anyway… We all did a short vocal warm up, and then we were split into two groups based on our dance ability – Beginner or Advanced. Now, I wouldn’t call myself an “Advanced” dancer, but the criteria was that if you had any experience or dance training, you were to go in that group… “Kill me now”, I thought to myself.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad. However, it had just been Christmas, and my stamina was definitely feeling the wrath of all of that Christmas food… I felt as though I may die during the cardio warm up… “Just keep going!”

I pushed myself to the extreme. After all, you only get one chance, and I wasn’t about to let it all slip through my fingers. You wouldn’t believe that some of the people in that room had been training in dance… no offense to them, because they tried, but they were not all that brilliant… it worked to my advantage though. I got a “very nice” comment halfway through the dance workshop which made me feel a bit better about myself. For someone that is used to being around dancers who are much better than I am, it was a bit of a light relief.

The short dance routine we learnt was great. It was to “Seize The Day” from the new Broadway musical “Newsies” and by god I love that musical. The routine certainly put us through our paces though – it was a killer! Asking someone with no upper arm strength (me) to go into a press-up position, then press and “up” off the floor and clap before you land back in press-up position, within two counts, just wasn’t going to happen. I just pretended and somehow got away with it!

After the dance workshop we went through to the room next door, swapping with the other group, to go and sing our solo pieces. In the helpful little handbook sent via email prior to the audition, it stated that we were to prepare two contrasting songs of no longer than two minutes in length. I chose to take “Maybe I Like It This Way” from “The Wild Party” (so did two other people…) and “Somebody To Love” from “We Will Rock You”. The routine protocol was that you tell the audition-er what you brought, and between him and the pianist, they decide what they want you to sing. One girl took “Where Is Love” from “Oliver!” and got absolutely slated…

They asked me to sing “Maybe I Like It This Way” which I was very pleased about because it was my better of the two, and I didn’t think my voice was up to singing “Somebody To Love” on that particular day. It went quite well, even though I could feel my voice croaking. One girl even said I’d managed to make her cry… bonus 😉

After everyone had sung, we were all sent back though to sit with the other group, and then the panel came in to announce who they wanted to keep on for the afternoon – tense!

Only four names were read out… mine being one of them! I was soooooooo relieved, and excited, and nervous, and every other emotion possible (except for perhaps angry and upset or anything else along those lines). Three out of the four of us (all girls) were auditioning for the undergraduate course, the other girl was for postgraduate, so she wasn’t the “competition” so to speak.

We all had to sing again, except this time both of the dance teachers had joined the panel to see us sing, and work with us. Again, they chose what they wanted us to sing. One girl had to sing the same song she sang in the morning. They made me do “Somebody To Love” (“SHIT.”… excuse the swearing, but honestly, there were no other words). I think my voice had warmed up a bit more by this point, because it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but they stopped me halfway through.

“Go and get a chair, place it in the centre, and I want to to sit on your hands” – Said the head of dance…So of course, you oblige, just because it’s what you do. I think it was so that she could just listen to my voice without all of the movement to see my vocal technique, and make me use my facial expressions more.

I started the song again. They stopped me at a riff this time, and the singing teacher asked me to sing the top E natural that was written instead of doing the riff. Holy crap. I have never, and I repeat NEVER been able to hit that note in my life. I sang it in my head voice (the one you use for classical singing) and they stopped me. Again.

“I want you to sit back down on the chair, hold the underneath of it, extend your back, lift your head and levitate” – Said the singing teacher.

Levitate. He wanted me to levitate. I just went along with it – one of those quirky drama school things I suppose. Then he said, “I want you to sing that E natural in the same register as the rest of the song, and when you do it, pull up on the underneath of the chair and use that as your anchor”.

I tell you, it must have been the fear that did it, because by some miracle, I actually did it. Levitated and all. I joke, but the idea of levitating helped me hit it. Without it sounding dreadful. Never in my life have I been able to belt that note! Audition test successful 😉

Next was the final stage of the audition day – the acting part. We had to perform a Shakespeare monologue, and a monologue from a post 1979 British play. I remembered them, which is always a good sign, but it’s the only part of the audition we weren’t given feedback from. This is what makes me nervous. I guess Mountview are more of a singing/dancing school rather than acting though.

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the dreaded letter to arrive at my house to tell me if I’ve been accepted or not…. fingers crossed, because I REALLY want to go!!

Happy New Year! – Things I hope to achieve in 2013…

Happy New Year everyone!


It’s a strange year to say, don’t you think? 2013… it all just sounds wrong, and unlucky (the number 13… oooooh) and just completely “yucky”. However, saying this, I’m determined to make it the best year yet!

Here’s some things that I hope to achieve…

1. My New Year’s Resolution – Everyone makes them, and never end up sticking to them. Mine this year is to be able to easily do the splits on both legs. Random, I know, but I can already do them on my right leg, just not the left…

2. Get into Drama School – I’m auditioning for a fair few in London this year, and I’m determined to get in! In fact, I have my first audition for Mountview this week… HELP!

3. Eat healthier – I know, CLICHE. But I really should… once I’ve got this large amount of Christmas chocolate out of the way…

4. Learn a new skill – i don’t know what yet, but I’d quite like to learn how to do something really interesting and different to what I already know. Any suggestions would be useful!

5. Make more effort with my appearance – Some days I’ll get up and do my hair and make-up all nicely and dress nicely, but then other days I just think… I really cannot be bothered… at all. It’s those days I need to avoid…

6. Be happy! – A lot happened towards the end of last year. In fact, before all of this happened, I’d go so far as to say it was the best year ever. Not anymore. But I’ve wallowed away in my own self pity for long enough now, and it’s time to spend more time with my friends, move on, and forget about it.

Six is a strange number for a list… but it is my lucky number, so I’m hoping that because there’s only six things that I can think of, that it’s going to be a lucky year for me… 🙂

Maybe I should start putting on the lottery…

Another 10 things that annoy me about everything…

Okay, so I’ve thought of another 10 things to continue my post about my pet hates (click here to refresh your memory on these). Maybe I’ve read about them, or noticed them as I lead my average, everyday, not-so-normal life. Regardless of the reasoning, they’ve popped into my head, so I thought I’d share them with you all!

I’ll start with #11, as if we’re continuing the list…

11. Bad grammar – I’m a stickler for punctuation, capital letters, the correct use of “their”, “there” or “they’re”, and just general word orderings. I’m sorry (if you’re dyslexic, this does not apply to you, I have many dyslexic friends so I know it can’t be helped) but for those of you without a good enough reason, there is no excuse! We’ve been taught it since primary school, so PLEASE put it into practice! There is nothing worse than reading a block of writing which has no commas in it, or when capital letters are in the wrong places, or just don’t exist at all. It’s so unprofessional, and quite honestly, I will stop reading.

Even dogs understand...

Even dogs understand…

12. “Snakey” boys (aka. “man-slags”) – You know the sort… they go out partying, and pick up a new girl every time. Then, they have the audacity to flirt with people whom they consider to be good friends with, get the girl’s hopes up, and then blow them off for a new girl a week later. Sorry boys, but it’s not on. There’s also the sort that talk to you on a whim, complimenting you about anything that they can to try and get your attention. We don’t fall for it anymore boys!

13. Phone companies that send the wrong Sim card – Yes, I know this one is rather specific, and you’re probably thinking “WHY?!” but this happened to me, about 3 days ago, on Christmas Day of all days… I received an iPhone 5 as a gift from my parents, and I have to say, I was incredibly excited. Like, beyond belief. I wasn’t expecting one. In fact, I had asked for a 4S because I didn’t think in a million years that I’d ever get a 5! But there it was, all white and shiny, just waiting for the Sim card to be put inside it… But OH NO. Vodafone sent the wrong sized Sim card! Instead of a nano Sim, they sent a micro Sim, and as one of the most established phone networks, you’d have thought they’d get it right. I was not happy.

You can clearly see the difference...

You can clearly see the difference…

14. Family gatherings – unless you’re particularly close with the relatives, or like them for whatever reason (they may bring good gifts) family gatherings always make me feel uncomfortable. You have to sit there awkwardly for hours whilst they talk about topics you really couldn’t give two flying pigs about, and you cannot leave the room because it’s considered as “rude”. Sorry, but I didn’t invite you, my parents did, I do not wish to stay here.

15. Shopping sites that leave out-of-stock items on – I’m sure I’m not the only person that’s been looking online at clothes now that Christmas is over and we all have money to spend, especially with the sales on now. But it really annoys me when websites (*cough* New Look *cough*) leave items on that they don’t even have anymore. The amount of times I’ve been on and thought “ooh I really like that top” *CLICK* – “Out-of-stock” is unbelievable. It’s really disappointing actually…

16. People who laugh all the time – Maybe it’s to make themselves socially accepted, but most of the time, the things they laugh at aren’t even funny. Fair enough, some comments are worth a little snigger, but not a full on belly laugh! Come on now, by laughing that much, you’re only annoying people (me) and making yourself an outcast of society.

17. People who play music really loudly through their headphones – Most of the time it’s people who enjoy listening to heavy metal, screamy music. Not many people like this. Headphones are for private listening, the rest of the world does not need to hear it too, thank you very much.

18. People who play music out loud on trains – Often young teenagers who think they’re “cool”. You’re not cool, you’re just annoying everyone else on the train to the point where they want to punch you. Really hard. Several times. Come on, have some consideration for people who are travelling/have travelled a really long way and are extremely tired.

19. Gay people that overact their “gay-ness” – Okay, we get it, you’re gay. I don’t have a problem with that. In fact, I have many friends who are gay. But there’s no need to flap your arms around, comment on anything feminine, act like a girl, scream, and flash off anything else extremely camp. We all know you’re gay, you’ve told everyone.

20. People who ACT drunk when they’re not – You’re not fooling anyone, and you just look stupid. The end.

Merry Christmas! A drunken tribute…

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a brilliant day, and that the big man brought you what you wanted!

I for one got some gorgeous presents, and am in fact blogging directly from my brand new iPhone 5! WAHOOOO!!

Personally, I do not drink (I know) but I’m sure for many of you, alcohol has been a large part of the ‘getting merry’ part of the Christmas Day job description, so here, enjoy a picture of a drunken Santa:


Seasons Greetings!

Strawberry Santas – WOW

Just seen these, and I have to admit, they are the coolest things I’ve ever seen! Okay, so maybe not ever seen, but they are pretty cool! I actually really want to make these now…

They actually look pretty simple to make too. Just some strawberries, piped cream and black/white icing pens!

A fun, festive treat – and you can call it healthy(ish) because they’re strawberries 😉

Oh, and…. HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope the big man brings everyone something lovely 🙂