Fundraise, Raise the Funds!

So, as I’ve blogged previously, I’m going crazy with the thought of having to raise £6000… it’s not easy, I can tell you that for free.

I’ve had a few ideas, like doing a sponsored silence (my friend did it for me, and managed to raise about £70), and I’m going to be doing bake sales, going busking, holding a dinner dance, organizing a gala day with various performers and stalls at the local church hall and a performance evening at college, but I’m just not convinced that this will be enough…

This is where you come in…

I need some very good, cost effective methods for fundraising. I can’t really do anything sponsored, because we’ve already done that, and I can’t do another large event, because I’ve got three coming up! So any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Please, everyone, tell your friends about my cause, and if you can, and are feeling generous (which would really be amazing) you can donate some money, however little or large amount that may be, to my donations page to help me:


All of the information you need is on this page, and it really is going towards a good cause.

AND if you need any more persuasion as to who and what you’re helping, here is a video of me performing in Copacabana as Lola La Mar in 2011…

Copacabana 2011

So, to summarize, please leave your suggestions in the comments!


Top 10 Guilty Pleasures – the little (and sometimes embarrasing) things that get me through…

In no particular order:

1. Nandos – I could live of the stuff… I’m a Mango & Lime sort of girl 😉

It's the best food you will ever taste... honestly.

It’s the best food you will ever taste… honestly.

2. Chocolate box competitions – at Christmas, everyone has a big tin of chocolates, but why not make it competitive by having someone describe the wrapper, and you have to know the exact name of the chocolate? (Roses and Quality Street are quite similar!) Surprisingly, you can get a good hour of entertainment out of this, and I actually get REALLY competitive…

So… which one’s the blue one… I can tell you now that it’s a coconut eclair 😉

3. Wrapping presents – it’s a great boredom killer, and I love to put ribbons and everything on them so they look pretty! 😀 Also I’m really quick at it, so I think I’m secretly an elf.

4. Doctor Who – call me a geek if you like. David Tennant and Matt Smith are my favourites by far…

5. Bubble Baths – Spending ages in a really deep, hot, Bubble Bath, with music playing fairly loudly.

<< unfortunately I’m not quite lucky enough to have this sort of a bubble bath… someone fix this please?

6. Guys with an Irish accent – for me, this is THE sexiest sound on earth. I could just sit and listen to them all day… except those really annoying chirpy ones, like Jedward, who I just want to punch in the face.

7. Watching Michael McIntyre DVD’s – I’ve seen them several times, and they never fail to make me laugh! Plus, he has two boys, with the same names that I always wanted to call my children if I had boys… Lucas and Oscar (aww)

The “not-actually-Chinese” Chinese man!

8. Hugh Grant – YES, he plays the same character in every movie he’s in, but I actually find him quite attractive, even when he does his terrible dance moves… put on a film with him in, and I’m happy 😉

9. Back Massages – I think everyone loves a good massage! I also really like the feeling when someone cracks my back.

10. The Pain of Stretching – it’s a surprisingly satisfying sort of pain! Take it from a dancer.